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2020: The Year of Humanized Marketing

2020 is the year that perfectly polished digital marketing is going to flop. On social media, people want transparency. 2019 may have been the year of influencers and looking perfect online, but people are over that and have been burned by too many Instagrammers. They want authenticity!

This is the year of humanized marketing. Give your brand a personality and be transparent with your audience. Give them all-access, behind the scenes.

Here's a few ways to get this done.

1. Video

We've been talking about video in social media for quite some time now, but that's because it continues to do well. And I don't mean professional video shoots. Shoot it with your phone. Make it look like it was on the fly and you didn't have a script to read from. Give them a behind the scenes look at what your day to day looks like.

2. Tell the truth

Did you have a mishap and something didn't go as planned? This happens to all of us. Share it! You're making you and your brand relatable, and people love that!

3. Lose the filters

Once again, transparency! Be your true self on social media.

People don't want to be advertised to.

These 3 tips will not only help your organic content perform better, but also your ads! In a marketing class in college, a common phrase used was "be the purple cow". This simply means stand out and get noticed. While this is true, there is a fine line. On social media, you want to blend in. You want your ads to look like user-generated content. More people will engage if it looks like something that is being shared by a Facebook friend and not an advertisement.


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