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7 steps to unlock a successful email campaign

To the inexperienced marketer or entrepreneur, sending an email blast is just that. Putting together an email and hitting send. However, if you want your campaign to be a success, SO much more goes into it. Keep reading as I break down the steps that I take before every email campaign.

  1. Strategize: I begin every campaign with a brainstorm. What do my clients and potential clients want? What will get them to take action? What can I offer them that they can't refuse?!

  2. Create offer: Next I put together the "offer". Is this a free downloadable ebook or am I offering to follow up later with some type of free service. Either way, I put this together.

  3. Create email: Now I'm ready to actually write the email. I write, then I re-write, and then I re-write again. I want to make sure I get the messaging just right! Include a clear call-to-action and proof read it multiple times.

  4. Create landing page: Your offer needs a landing page. Read my last blog post if you need to know why. Anyways, create your landing page. Make it look nice - there's also tips in that last post as well.

  5. Prepare your email list: Are you going to send it to your entire database or are you sending it to a specific audience? You should also be A/B testing! Split your list in half and test different subject lines. Throw in an emoji or a question to see if that affects your open rates. A/B test button colors. Does your audience respond better to one color over another?

  6. Ensure your Pixel is installed on your landing page: Is it firing? You want to make sure your visitors are being tracked and that you can re-target the people that don't take action.

  7. Prepare your funnels or follow ups: What is the next step? Will you send another email to the people that opened your email? What about the people that didn't open it? You should be keeping in touch with your audience. Most times, people need 8 points of contact before they will take action. EIGHT! That's a lot, but keep after them. Don't be discouraged if they don't answer your first email.

Are you currently doing all of these steps? Did I miss anything? Be sure to let me know!


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