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Case study: Lead Generation

Last month, I took on a client that is a personal trainer in Texas. Her business was centered around in-person training but that came to a halt when the gym that she trained at shut down due to COVID. She realized that she couldn't rely on someone else's business remaining open so she shifted her business online to begin virtual training sessions via video call.

She hired me to spread the word about her business. Typically, I begin by creating brand awareness by driving traffic to my clients' website. However, this particular client has an outdated, un-engaging website. I wasn't sure how her audience would react to this site so we tested it out.

After the first month and a $50 ad spend, it was clear that the website was an issue. We were driving traffic but people weren't sticking around for it to load and if they did view the home page, they didn't visit any other pages. So instead of continuing to throw away money on ads that weren't converting, I made changes to the ads.

Instead of driving traffic to her outdated website, we cut out the middleman and started collecting leads directly from Facebook. We gave the viewers the information they needed to know then asked them to submit their name and email.

This ad has only spent $10 and already collected 5 leads.

If my client can close just 1 out of these 5 leads, she will cover the cost of her Facebook advertising expenses!

Stay tuned for updates at the end of the month....


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