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Instagram in 2020

Like any social network, Instagram is constantly changing. How we use it as businesses is also changing.

Here are just a few ways...

Long-form captions are the way to go.

Instagram is an extremely visual platform. Duh, it's a platform of pictures and videos. True, but brands are now using the captions as mini blog posts. And it's working out for them! Be sincere and transparent in your captions. Your followers will appreciate it.

Brand voice is more important than ever

As previously mentioned, Instagram used to be just about the visuals. However, with the long-form captions becoming a thing, your brand voice is taking center stage. Keep it consistent! This gives you the opportunity to really connect with your following and build a sense of community. This might be a trend but it's authentic.

Unedited pics

Your followers want to know that you're a real person behind your brand. This produces a more transparent and authentic feeling. People don't like to be advertised to


...and I don't mean professionally shot videos. Don't write a script. It's okay if you stumble over your words. Once again, transparency. People love it and engage with it. No one is perfect and your followers can see through that. The camera on your phone is more advanced than some actual video cameras, so you know it will look great!

Try posting a short video of what you're doing instead of a photo. Pay attention to the engagement level vs. a still image.

I will also say, video is super uncomfortable for some. (By some, I mean ME). You'll get more comfortable as you go. Just know that you have more guts than someone else out there that isn't using video but wish they were.


This is going to be totally new for some and old news for others but.... start planning your IGTV series! You don't need a huge video production. Open up that front-facing camera and hit record. Answer questions or give behind-the-scenes looks.

Which trend are you most excited for?

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