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Organic Content vs. Paid Media: When should you be using these

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

These are 2 terms that I often used when talking to my clients. It can be confusing when to use one over the other, so I figured I would dig into them for you.

Organic: Posting for free. These posts will live on your page for anyone to see, but also only about 10% of your followers will see this content in their news feed.

Paid: Is just that. Putting money behind your posts to reach a larger audience. These ads are not visible to just anyone. This will be shown to the audience of your choice.

So the real question, when should you post organically and when should you put money behind your posts?

It is important to ask yourself who you want your audience to be before posting. Is your content meant for current followers or do you want to reach a broader audience and introduce them to your brand?

It is also important to remember that anyone can see your organic content, including people that are doing their research before they buy. Organic content should show your brand personality and minimize your promotions. Educate and inspire with your organic content. This builds relationships!

While organic posts are only seen by a fraction of your followers, paid media ensures that your content gets seen and you pick the audience! Are you trying to reach mom's of kids ages 0-2 or maybe you're trying to reach iPhone users. Either way, you can reach them through paid media.

The best part about paid media is the ability to re-market to people that have expressed interest in your brand by engaging with your posts, watching your videos, or visiting your website. Only about 2% of first time website visitors take a desired action. By re-targeting this group, this is where your conversions are going to happen!


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