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Boosting Your Post is a Waste of Your Money

Do you like throwing your money away while getting nothing in return? Me neither.

Have you boosted your posts on Facebook? Please say no. If you have, this Gif is meant for you...

Okay, so I've shamed you enough... let me tell you a few differences in running an ad from Facebook Ads Manager and boosting a post.

1. Facebook ads give you many more customization options than boosting does. For example... Do you want to use Facebook to get leads? How about to increase conversions? Boosting can't do this for you.

2. If you want your potential customer to take some kind of action, you need to let them know, right? The perfect way to do this is with a call-to-action button, customized with what you want them to do. Unfortunately, Boosts don't offer you this.

3. What if I told you that you could target an audience that has similar characteristics as your most profitable customers? Facebook ads can. Boosts cannot.

4. If those 3 reasons haven't convinced you already that boosts are not a great way to run a successful ad, analytics should change your mind.

With boosted posts, the only analytics you can see are from the Insights dashboard. This shows you the same info that you see for every post. However, Facebook ads run through Ads Manager and give you much more detail, such as what pages of your site they visited. The more data, the better! Am I right?

So what are boosts good for?

If all you're interested in is engagement on your post, then a boost will get the job done. However, while engagement looks good, it doesn't pay the bills. If you want ads that convert, stick to using Facebook ads.

If you've already been running ads but need some help analyzing the analytics, reach out to me! I'd love to help.


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