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Taylor Swift is a Marketing Genius

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that TSwift re-released her album recently and her fans went nuts. Mind you - this was the same music that was already out (minus the 10 minute long song) but still… her fans are acting like they’ve never heard this music before.

So - what can we, as business owners, learn from Ms. TSwift?

Create a loyal fan base.

She has an incredibly loyal fanbase. So loyal, in fact, if you check out the comments on Jake Gyllenhaal’s Instagram, they’re all her fans attacking him for a breakup that occurred 10 years ago.

Consistent branding- SHE is her brand.

Everyone knows what to expect from Taylor. Every single thing she does is so thought out and planned that her fans now look for the “Easter eggs”. Also, she once signed autographs for 13 hours because 13 is her favorite number - and everyone knows that. That’s intense branding.

Repurpose old content.

Now, as small businesses, we might not be able to duplicate exactly what she did with (Taylor’s Version) but she rereleased the same exact music she’s already released and the crowd went wild.

Know your audience.

TSwift knows her audience and speaks their language. She was once the young teen writing about the boy in class but her music has matured as she (and her audience) have. She is still writing relatable music but now it’s a mixture of gender inequality, loss, friendship, and just real life.

There are so many more things that Taylor Swift does so well when it comes to marketing herself, but who has time for that? Try implementing these 4 things into your own business and you’ll be off to a great start!


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