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Utilize Good Content

Good content is hard to come by. Especially as a small business owner that wears many hats, you don't always have time to create a well-thought-out piece. Assuming that one day you actually do have the time to create something really good. How do you get it seen?

If you don't already know this, my background is in Integrated Marketing Communications. I earned my Masters from WVU and graduated in 2015. In short, IMC is how all marketing strategies work together to get the job done. You can't rely on just one channel. I've put together a list of ways to utilize good content and get the most exposure out of one piece.

1. Instagram

  • Link in bio: If your content lives on your website or landing page, add a link to your profile and draw attention to it in your bio. Your profile viewers will see it and want to click it!

  • Post: A regular post is a great way to drive traffic. While you can't add the link to your caption, you can write about it and drive people to your profile to click the link.

  • Story: Your story is a great place to post a short video of yourself talking about your most recent blog post, landing page, sale, etc. Don't forget a call-to-action at the end of the video to let your followers know what their next steps should be.

2. Facebook

  • Post: Share it on Facebook with a clever post caption. Share a link and make it look nice. Tip: Don't forget to pin it to the top!

  • Story: Stories are fairly new to Facebook but they're gaining traction. Give it a try! The cool part is that you can see who is looking at your posts.

  • Profile pic: If you typically keep the same profile pic, such as a logo, changing it up can catch a loyal follower's attention. This can help drive traffic to your page!

  • Banner pic: If someone visits your Facebook page, the first thing they see is your banner pic. Even if they don't scroll beyond that, you still have the potential to catch their attention and get your content in front of them. Give it a try!

3. Paid ads

  • Organic traffic is great, but it is difficult to do. Get your content in front of new audiences with paid ads. Through these ads, you're able to laser target people that will be interested in reading, viewing, etc.

4. Email blast

  • Do you have a current email list of people that would be interested in your content? Blast it out via email! Give it some enticing copy and throw in a call-to-action.

5. Influencers

  • This is a form of paid ads. Find an influencer with a following that is similar to your target audience. They will create content around your product or service and recommend you to their followers. Typically, these people have a loyal following, great engagement, and they've earned their trust. Definitely worth the money!

6. SEO

  • Add in backlinks to your website, blog, landing pages to drive up SEO. Also, work with an SEO specialist to make sure you're doing all of this correctly!

7. Paid SEO

  • Don't forget about Google Ads. Get your name at the top of the Google search. In 2014, the first page of Google results had at 71% click-through rate, while pages 2 and 3 combined had a click-through rate of just 6%.

8. Webinars

  • This is a great place to talk to your middle/bottom of funnel to get them to convert. Promote your content within the webinar to an audience that already knows and trusts you.

9. Videos

  • I can't stress the use of videos enough! Use this time to talk to your audience about your content and how it is important. Include a call-to-action. Tip: Most people don't watch videos with sound these days. Make sure you add captions to your videos.

10. Share with relevant groups

  • If you're in closed groups related to your industry, share your content within those groups. Just be careful! A lot of groups have self-promotion rules. Make sure you're posting within their guidelines.

11. Add a link to your email signature

  • This is often overlooked because it's so simple! If you're driving traffic to a webpage, adding a link gets in front of anyone that you're emailing!

12. Social sharing

  • Don't forget to add social sharing abilities to your blogs, and even ask people to share your posts. By simply adding this call-to-action, you'll see better reach.

As I mentioned, you need a variety of strategies working together to make the most of your marketing efforts. Far too often, I see companies relying on one method and then they are frustrated when it doesn't work. Combine strategies and see better success!

P.S. If this piece of content lives on your website, be sure to add this as a custom conversion within your Facebook Pixel. You can retarget this audience later!


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