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Do you feel like there is a disconnect somewhere within your marketing strategy? If you are struggling to bring in leads to your business or just can't seem to land clients, I'd love to work with you to launch a successful marketing strategy.


Discovery Call:

  • On this initial call, we will talk through your current marketing strategy and uncover your biggest challenges. I also want to get an understanding of where you feel like the disconnect is.

The Process:

  • I will create a competitor analysis, as well as a SWOT analysis to dig into what you're doing well and where your biggest opportunities are.

  • After presenting this information, I will create a 3 marketing strategy to fit your needs. 

  • Through bi-weekly check-in calls, you will implement the marketing strategy and together, we will meet your goals!

Minimum 3 month contracts with a minimum of $200 ad spend across Facebook and Instagram per month.

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