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Stop Selling in 2022

In this day and age, we are used to doing business online. But as consumers, we are also aware of all the scams that are out there and no one wants to be the next victim.

Which is why we need to STOP SELLING in 2022. This sounds absurd, right? If we don’t sell, how will our businesses grow and how will we make money? That’s a great question. The answer is in relationships. Take some time to pivot and instead of a sales pitch, identify your prospect’s problem and provide a solution, just like a friend would. You don’t want your business to be grouped in with the MLM or scammers out there that don’t care about the return you see on your investment. A business owner truly wants to see you succeed, because that means you’ll likely be a repeat customer. So show you care from the very beginning.

I don’t mean to completely change your business model. Just alter your messaging. Instead of leading the conversation with a prospect, just sit back and listen to what your prospect is truly saying. What are their challenges? Where are they lacking? How can you fix this problem?

When you stop selling and you use conversations to uncover problems and provide solutions, you create a sense of trust and credibility. Also, you save time when you stop pitching cold leads because more often than not, those don’t convert.

Building relationships is the name of the game. When you engage in conversation with your prospects, always be providing value. Give tips or tricks on how they can improve and let them know the door is open if they have further questions. Check in periodically by commenting on their posts or responding to their stories. It’s important to stay in front of your prospects, so that when they’re ready to commit to the purchase of whatever you’re selling, you and your business are top of mind.

If you have any questions about how to pivot your messaging, reach out to me. I love to talk about all things sales and marketing! Contact me here.


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