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Testing and Scaling Your Ads

If you haven't read my blog post yet on why you should stop boosting posts, go back and read it now. And then come back here and finish this article.

In order to run a successful campaign and to get the most out of your advertising budget, you want only want to run your best performing ads, right? Well when you hire a knowledgeable Facebook ads specialist (hint hint), we can make this happen. Unlike when you hit boost on a regular post on your page, you can segment your audiences and see exactly who is showing interest in your business.


When I'm in the testing stages of an ad, I test everything.

  • Audiences

  • Creative

  • Copy

  • Call-to-action

  • Placement

Once I get all of this set up, I let it run for a set number of days and I let Facebook do it's thing. Facebook is extremely smart and will optimize for the best performing ad and audience. The others will still be running in the background, but FB will be spending a majority of your budget on the winner.


This is where getting the most out of your budget comes in. When I first set up your ads, I only run a fraction of your budget. Then, once a clear winner is defined, I shut off the under-performing ads and audiences and add more budget to the winner. This ensures that your budget is only being spent on those that are converting and taking the action that we want them to.

Next time you think about hitting boost on your post, stop what you're doing and send me a message! Give me the opportunity to talk you out of it!


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