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Successful Instagram Marketing Tips

It's natural to see marketing trends come and go. Think: print media, phone book ads, billboards, etc... We're living in a time where we can spend our ad dollars on a very specific niche audience and we only pay when those specific people see it. What a dang time to be alive! One trend that I believe is here to stay for a while is social media marketing, more specifically, Instagram.

If you're using IG for your business, you'll probably agree that it's a HOT place to be right now! If you disagree with that statement, then you're probably doing it wrong. BUT, have no fear! I'm about to break down the 6 things that you need to be doing on IG in order to really utilize it's full potential and make it work for your business.

Without further ado....

#1: Consistent posting

Now you're probably saying "Krissy, this is common sense. But I'm doing it and it's not working". Okay, well let me share a little secret with you. Each and every post should have a well thought-out strategy behind it. Every post should be on brand and provide either value or entertainment to your followers. If you're not doing that, that's why it's not working.

Okay so say you are doing that, but you're still not getting a response and your page just doesn't seem to be growing. That's where #2 comes in....

We all know the goal is to get likes, comments, shares, and saves on your post (this helps with the algorithm and gets your content seen) but how can you expect your followers to engage with your posts if you're not engaging with theirs? 🤨 Try this: Tomorrow before you post, spend 10 minutes engaging with your followers - mind you, this doesn't mean just liking every single post. Like and comment on posts- give insightful feedback and start conversations/build relationships. After you do this for 10 minutes, then post! I guarantee your engagement skyrockets. 🚀

This brings me to my next point....

#3: Utilize stories

I'm sure you're aware, but I'm going to say this anyways... the algorithm sucks. Our content is constantly hidden and IG makes us work for those views. But thankfully, when you post a story, your name, face, and profile are brought to the front of the story list for all of your followers to see! 👀Sharing your own post to your story is a good way to get your post in front of their eyes but an even better way to get in front of them is.....

#4: Videos!

Alright, I'll be the first to tell you that I'm extremely uncomfortable on camera. Taking videos of myself is my own personal Hell, but it's danged near impossible to be a service provider and sell to someone that doesn't know or trust you. And that's where video comes in. It helps to give your followers (and prospects) a look into your life and personality. It shows them who you are and it helps to build trust. And at the end of the day, you're not going to hire someone that you don't trust... and neither will your prospects. So get ready for your close up! 📸🎥

#5: Reels

I should've slipped this in while we were talking about the algorithm, but reels are where it's at right now. Your reels will go so much further than your typical video post ever will.... so learn how to do it and run with it!

And last but definitely not least....

#6: Ads!

Everything mentioned above is great for an organic strategy - and you can't have a paid strategy with organic, but organic is definitely a long-term strategy. Unless you have hours every single day to spend building up your IG, you need to be utilizing paid ads. For pennies a day, you can reach far beyond your inner circle of family and friends and start reaching true potential clients. At the end of the day, the real goal of social media is to convert your followers to clients and ads can really help you do that. If you need help doing this, I'm your girl. Just fill out the contact form on my site and let's chat!


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